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Stranger in Moscow Ebook

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Stranger In Moscow photographic series, is a project that shines a light on a young man’s story, and highlights the feelings of displacement and vulnerability felt by so many living in foreign environments, far from their country of birth. Their aim being to better their own lives, and those of the ones they love. The social struggles faced by such people has defined the modern world we live in.

Abdulay Vilhette de Sousa - is a young man that I met and befriended on my recent trip to Moscow. After hearing his story about his life and struggles living in Moscow (Russia), he became my archetypal Stranger. At the age of 14 Abdulay left his tiny island nation of São Tomé and Principe. A small Portuguese speaking island off the coast of west Africa, to begin a life of study in Portugal. After a disappointing start to his studies Abdulay took time out to re-evaluate and consider his next move. He decided to focus his studies in the area of medicine and having heard of the excellent academic programs Russia had to offer, more specifically Moscow city, he set about to relocate once again with Moscow in mind, not knowing what to expect from his new city.

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