Arteh Odjidja  Photographer / Speaker / Educator

ArtehOdjidja Biography

Arteh Odjidja is anaward-winning photographer and educator specialising in portraiture and fineart photography. He has had the privilege of speaking and exhibiting his workthroughout the UK and US. Arteh considers London his home but also draws much inspirationfor his work, from his West African heritage. London is also where he completedhis degree studies in graphic design at the University of the Arts London –LCC. He currently runs his photography and Art Direction business in London.Growing up with a father working in the filmmaking industry, Arteh developed anearly fascination with the creative process and since becoming an establishedphotographer in his own right, Arteh has been commissioned to create work forsome of the world’s most recognised brands and organisations includingChristian Dior, Paul Smith, Ozwald Boateng Savile Row, Montblanc, Oxfam UK toname a few. He is also an Akademie ambassador for the premium German camerabrand Leica camera – Allowing him to share his experience and unique approachesto his work through hands-on workshops and presentations organised throughoutthe UK. 

Arteh’s growing passionto make a positive impact with his work has led him to explore project-basedassignments both locally and internationally. His projects aim to challenge oursense of privilege and equality in a transient, fast-paced, modern socio-economicworld. His work has been exhibited extensively in the US and the UK, withprominent galleries like the Tate Modern, The British Museum, City hall, TheMuseum of Contemporary Photography – Chicago IL (to name some), inviting him topresent his project work and engage with their audiences. Arteh has also spokenat universities and colleges throughout the UK and the US hoping to inspireyoung creatives to forge a compelling future,with a focus on positive change. 

Some of our clients
(MoCP)Museum of Contemporary Photography -Chicago IL, Ozwald Boateng Savile Row, E.Tautz Menswear, Paul Smith, A.Sauvage, Advani London, Spencer Hart, Mont Blanc, Leica Camera UK, Red Bull UK, Vitra UK, Meridian Audio, Oxfam UK, Yamaha Pianos UK, Porsche UK, Black and white Photography magazine, Joshua's Magazine, The Shortlist, Samsung, Photoworks UK, Coram UK, 


·      The Stranger Series Project with Coram and Arteh Odjidja Exhibition The British Museum , London, June 2018

·      The Stranger Series Project with Coram and Arteh Odjidja Exhibition City Hall , London, June 2018

·      The Dandy Lion Exhibition Brighton Photo Biennial, Brighton, Oct 2015

·      The Dandy Lion Exhibition MoAD, (Museum of African Diaspora), San Francisco, Oct 2015 

·      The Dandy Lion Exhibition MoCADA, (Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts), New York, Oct 2015 

·      The Dandy Lion Exhibition Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, April 2015

·      AOM GREEN FOR OXFAM The Old Post office, London, July 2015 

·      Association of Photographers Awards (AOP) shortlisted Artists exhibition Truman Brewery, London, Oct 2013

·      Stranger in Moscow The Worx Studios, London, September 2013 

·      Stranger in Moscow Ozwald Boateng Savile Row, London, June 2013 

·      Fashion Army Leica Akademie, London, April 2013

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